Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I just received an award from the lovely Flawless and Fancy and she rewarded me with The One Lovely Blog Award. I deeply appreciate this darling so  much and i will proudly show it.
 Upon receipt of the Lovely Blogger Award, I am required to reveal 7 facts about myself. These are they:

1. I am a very shy and quiet person but i am slowly breaking out of that 
2. I am petrified about bugs and insects i will literally have a heart attack
3. The one thing that i fear most is falling out of love
4. I got married at 19 and i am happily married too
5. I love cats even thou i have a dog
6. I grew up as a tom boy and now i am a lover of makeup
7. Sea Food is my specialty and i love to try new weird and daring foods 

I am also suppose to pass this on to another fellow blogger but right now i am so new to this but once i see the deserving recipient i will gladly do another post and pass it on.
I feel so special to receive this and once again thanks to Flawless and Fancy

1 comment:

  1. You are most welcome hun! It was my pleasure to be able to pass on the OLBA to you:)

    Girl, I am severely allergic to seafood! I will die if I eat it - no joke! I am NOT adventurous when it comes to food!


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