Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mac's CandyYumYum Lipstick

Mac By Request was made official on Monday and lets just say CandyYumYum was the first to be sold out next to Moxie and Rocker. I am glad i got the chance to get this lipstick the second time around at the original price because I recently saw on amazon/eBay where individuals were selling it for $50 plus. If you didn't get it before and thought this request just hope it will be re-promoted soon in another collection. This lipstick is a blue-based hot neon pink and it is also a matte lipstick which retails for $15.
Below are swatches and a look of how it looks.


  1. This looks like a color that they had back in the day called Girl About Town. It was a permanent color at the time. I wonder if they still sell it?

  2. hey hun i think they still have girl about town on there website i just searched and it came up but yes they are a bit similar but this is more blue based


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